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The Practice will close once a month for training. Information regarding these dates will be publicised on the website and in the Practice. When the practice is closed please call the Out of Hours Service on 01446 729562 for urgent medical attention.

You can now use the internet to book appointments and request repeat prescriptions on-line.




Did you know that we now have a self-checking Blood Pressure Monitoring Machine which is situated in the waiting area in Cowbridge Health Centre. Please ask at the Front Reception Desk for Assistance.

Your Information, Your Rights

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Patient Privacy Notice

Western Vale Family Practice aims to ensure the highest standard of health care for our patients.  To do this we keep records about you, your health and the care we have provided or plan to provide to you. The following information explains how your personal information is processed and for what purposes it is held.

Western Vale Family Practice is classed as a Data Controller for the purposes of Data Protection and our registration number in the Data Protection Public Register is Z4830460.

This Privacy Notice does not provide exhaustive details of all aspect of the collection and use of personal information by the Practice.  However, we are happy to provide any additional information or explanation needed.  If you wish to request further information please contact the Practice Manager:


Letter:​​ Western Vale Family Practice, The Broad Shoard, Cowbridge, CF71 7DA

Telephone: 01446 772383

What Information do we hold?

Personal Identifiers and demographic information consisting of such things as your name, date of birth, title, gender
Your family, spouse and partner details
Your contact details including postal address, e-mail address and telephone numbers
Any contact the Practice has had with you such as appointments, letters, summary of telephone conversations
Notes and reports about your health
Details about your treatment and care, including medication
Results of investigations and tests
Relevant information from other health and social care professionals, relatives or those who care for you.

How and why do we use this information?

Provide a basis for all health decisions made by care professionals with and for you
Make sure your care is safe and effective
Work effectively with others providing you with care
In order to send you text/email notifications to you about appointmentreminders, flu clinics, health promotion information, cancellation of clinics and/or information/changes in service provision. You can opt out of the text/email notification service at any time by completing the Change of Details form available on our website, or ask for a copy from one of the Reception team. Please return this form to the Practice.

We may also use, or share, your information for the following purposes:

Looking after the health of the general public (e.g. measles outbreak)
Making sure that our services can meet patient needs in the future
Auditing Using patient health information to review and improve the quality of healthcare. Patient identifiable information is only used within the practice. Patients have the right to request that their health information is not included in audits
Preparing statistics on NHS performance and activity (where steps will be taken to ensure you cannot be identified
Investigating concerns, complaints or legal claims
Helping staff to review the care they provide to make sure it is of the highest standards
Training and educating staff
Research approved by the Local Research Ethics Committee.  (If anything to do with the research would involve you personally, you will be contacted to provide consent).

Disclosure of Information to Other Health and Social Professionals

We work with a number of other NHS and partner agencies to provide healthcare services to you.  Below is a list of organisations that we may share your information with:

Our Partner Organisations:

NHS hospitals, community, out of hours or specialist services
Relevant GP Practices
Dentists, Opticians and Pharmacies
Private Sector Providers (private hospitals, care homes, hospices, contractors providing services to the NHS)
Voluntary Sector Providers who are directly involved in your care
Ambulance Trust

We may also share your information with your consent, and subject to strict sharing protocols, about how it will be used, with:

Health and Social Care
Police and Fire Services

Individual Health Record (IHR)

Health professionals caring for you in Wales will be able to see a summary of important information, such as your current medication, recent tests and allergies. It will save you having to remember this information, help them make important decisions about your care and reduce unnecessary repeat tests and x-rays.

Only NHS staff (e.g. Hospital Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Out of Hours Service Doctors and Nurses), directly involved in your care can see your information and only with your consent.

If you are unconscious, NHS Wales’ staff may look at your IHR without your permission. This is so they can give you the best possible care in an emergency situation.

Strict controls are in place to keep your information safe. Only the people caring for you will be able to look at your IHR and they must ask your permission first. A record will be kept each time your information is looked at and checks will be made to make sure no one is looking at your record when they shouldn’t be.

If you do not want this summarised version of your information to be made available, please complete the IHR Patient Choice Form available on our website or ask the Reception team for a copy. Please return this form to the Practice.

My Health Online Registration for Booking/Cancelling Appointments and Ordering Repeat Prescriptions

This service allows you to book a routine GP appointment 24 hours a day, cancel appointments no longer needed, check your repeat medication, order repeat prescriptions and make changes to your email and mobile contact number where appropriate.

You will need to register to use this service and can de-register at any time. My Health Online application forms are available on the website or in the Practice.

Medicine Management

The Practice may conduct Medicines Management Reviews of medications prescribed to its patients.  This service performs a review of prescribed medications to ensure patients receive the most appropriate, up to date and cost effective treatments.  This service is provided by our clinicians, our employed Pharmacist and Pharmacists provided by Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

Clinical Research

We sometimes participate in clinical research in order to improve current treatmentsand care. Without research, many treatments and types of care that we receive today wouldn’t be available. We will only disclose anonymised medical data (data that does disclose any personalised data) without consent. Consent will be obtainedfor the sharing of any personalised data.

How We Keep Your Information Confidential and Secure

We are committed to protecting your privacy and will only use information collected lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act, General Data Protection Regulations, Human Rights Act, the Common Law of Confidentiality, Health and Social Care Act and the NHS Codes of Confidentiality and Information Security.  Everyone working in, or for the NHS must use personal information in a secure and confidential way and will have signed a confidentiality agreement as part of their contract of employment.

We will only ever use or pass on your information if there is a genuine need to do so.  We will not disclose information about you to third parties without your permission unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as when the law requires us to do so.

To protect your confidentiality, we will not normally disclose any medical information about you over the telephone, or by fax, unless we are sure that we are talking to you or have your permission to do so.  This means that we will not disclose information to your family, friends, and colleagues about any medical matters at all,unless we know that we have your consent to do so. Anyone who receives information from us is also under a legal duty to keep it confidential and secure

Please be aware that your information will be accessed by non-clinical Practice staff in order to perform tasks enabling the functioning of the Practice.  These are, but not limited to:

Typing referral letters to Hospital Consultants or allied Health Professionals
Opening letters from hospitals and Consultants
Scanning clinical letters, radiology reports and any other documents not available in electronic format
Photocopying or printing documents for referral to Consultants
Handling, printing, photocopying and postage of medico legal and life assurance reports and other associated documents

All persons working for or within the Practice receive training in relation to Data Protection and Confidentiality and are required to sign a confidentiality agreement, that explicitly makes clear their duties in relation to personal health information and the consequences of breaching that duty.

Data Retention

We will only ever hold your data in accordance with the law and specific guidance in relation to retention periods.

Right of Access to Your Health Information

As part of Data Protection you have a number of rights including:

Being able to request access to view or obtain copies of what information the Practice holds about you. This is known as a Subject Access Request
You also have the right to have information about you amended should it be inaccurate.

If you want to see or receive information that the Practice holds about you:

You will need to make a request to the Practice Manager
There may be a charge for excessive requests for information held about you
We are required to respond to you within one month
You will need to give us adequate information (e.g.  full name, address, date of birth, NHS Number etc, two forms of identification) to enable us to identify you and provide the correct information.

Subject Access Requests Forms (SARs) are available on the website and via the Reception team.

Who Else May Ask to Access Your Information

The Court can insist that we disclose medical records to them;
Solicitors often ask for medical reports.  We will require your signed consent for us to disclose information.  We will not normally release details about other people that are contained in your records (e.g. wife, children parents etc.) unless we also have their consent;

Social ServicesThe Benefits Agency and others may require medical reports on you from time to time.  We will need your signed consent to provide information to them;

Life Assurance Companies/Employers/Occupational Health Doctorsfrequently ask for medical reports on individuals.  These are always accompanied by your signed consent form.  

We will only disclose the relevant medical information as per your consent. You have the right, should you request it, to see reports prepared for Insurance Companies,employers or occupational Health Doctors before they are sent.

Sharing Your Information without Consent

We will normally ask you for your consent, but there are times when we may be required by law to share your information without your consent, for example:

Where there is a serious risk of harm or abuse to you or other people
Where a serious crime, such as assault, is being investigated or where it could be prevented
Where we encounter infectious diseases that may endanger the safety of others, such as meningitis or measles (but not sensitive information such as HIV/AIDS)
Where a formal Court Order has been issued
Where there is a legal requirement, e.g. if you had committed a Road Traffic Offence

Concerns about Sharing Your Information

If you have any concerns about how we use, or share your information please contact the Practice Manager:

Email: ​​
Letter:​​ Western Vale Family Practice, The Broad Shoard, Cowbridge, CF71 7DA
Telephone: 01446 772383

If you remain unhappy with the Practice’s response, you can complain to the Information Commissioner Office

Change of Details

It is important that you tell us if any of your details such as your name, address or telephone number has changed or if any of your details such as date of birth is incorrect in order for this to be amended.  

You have a responsibility to inform us of any changes so our records are kept accurate and up to date at all times. Change of Details form is available on our website, or ask for a copy from one of the Reception team.

Are you aged 13-16 yrs?

Your Information, Your Rights

What information do we collect about you and why?

Don’t worry; we only collect the information we need to help us keep you healthy – such as your name, address, information about your parents or guardians, records of appointments, visits, telephone calls, your health record, treatment and medicines, test results and any other information to enable us to care for you.

How do we use your information?

Your information is taken to help us provide your care. But we might need to share this information with other health care organisations such as hospitals if you need to be seen by a specialist doctor or be sent for further tests. The Practice may also be asked to help with exciting medical research by sharing health care information/data from which you can’t be personally identified. We will always ask you, or your parents or adults with parental responsibility, if it’s okay to share any personal information for these purposes.

How do we keep your information private?

We know that it’s very important to protect the personal information we have about you. We make sure we follow the rules that are written in law and provide training and guidance to our staff on how to this.

What if I’ve got a long-term medical problem?

If you have a long-term medical problem then we know it is important to make sure your information is shared with other healthcare workers to help them help you, making sure you get the care you need, when you need it.

How do I access my records?

If you want to see what is written about you, you have a right to access the information we hold about you. You will need to complete a Subject Access Request (SAR) Form. Your parents or adults with parental responsibility will usually do this if you’re under 16, however if you are over 13, you may be classed as being able to do this yourself. A SAR form is available via our website or please ask a member of the Reception Team for one.

What do I do if I have a question?

If you have any questions, your parents or adults with parental responsibility are the best people to ask, however you are also able to do one of the following:

1. Ask to speak to the Practice Manager directlyRhian Floyd or telephone 01446 772383
2. Look at the practice website or the Information Commissioners Website for more information and guidance or

What to do if you are not happy about how we manage your information

We understand that sometimes things can go wrong. If you, your parents or adults with parental responsibility, are unhappy you can speak to the Practice Manager directly, via e-mail or telephone 01446 772383

You could also contact the Information Commissioner see and select ‘Raising a concern’.

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